The Evolution of the Wild Kapoo

I had no idea what a Kapoo looked like when I wrote the poem. I don’t even know where the name “kapoo” came from. So when it was time to add characters for the poem I really didn’t know what to do.

I describe the Wild Kapoo in the poem but I’m sure anyone who reads the poem, without the benefit of a picture, would have different and unique ideas about what a Kapoo would look like.

Here are some roughs of what we thought a Kapoo could look like.

I liked the guy in the middle but I thought he needed a tail, so…

We added a tail.

…and then added Shaun.

And finally gave it a little color…

Many thanks again to Aaron Hazouri for his imagination and fine artwork.

Now, please have fun reading "The Wild Kapoo".

Tom Herod

Tom is a 71 year old kid who writes stories and poetry for fun and… hmmm… I think more fun. He has 3 kids and 6 grandkids and his favorite pastime is sitting around thinking about unique ways for all of them to get into trouble. His favorite saying is, “It’s no fun when you’re not having fun!”